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Заполните личные данные

Для добавления вашего товара заполните данные в разделе Настройки личного кабинета. Если ваш товар будет продан мы сможем связаться с вами


Delivery Methods

The buyer of the goods negotiates with the seller for private delivery in a specially opened dialogue in the Messages section. Delivery is paid by the buyer, unless otherwise indicated in the product description

Recommended methods of delivery of goods:

  • Pickup (Personal meeting with the seller or his representative and confirmation of shipment / receipt of goods and quality control on the spot)
  • Courier Services (Boxberry, CDEK)
  • Russian Post (Cash on delivery)

Delivery by Courier Service

The seller will inform you about sending the goods in the Messages section. You will be sent a shipment number (with reference to the courier service website), by which you can, if you wish, track the location of the goods being delivered. In this case, the status of the goods in your account will change to Waiting for confirmation of receipt.

After receiving the goods, check it for compliance with the description. If there are no problem points, then on the product page or in your account, indicate that the product has been received and rate the seller

Rating from 1 to 5 by a combination of factors: Kindness in communication, Order processing time and total delivery time

If you have any problems, then on the product page, click There are problems and send a request to technical support, where describe the situation as detailed as possible. Request review time is 24 hours