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Заполните личные данные

Для добавления вашего товара заполните данные в разделе Настройки личного кабинета. Если ваш товар будет продан мы сможем связаться с вами

FAQ about

  • Why such a low price?

    Each participant pays only a part of the full cost of the goods, for which he receives the right to participate in the drawing of the desired product

  • Who are you and what is this service?
  • What to look for when choosing a product?

    All the necessary information is presented in the item card.
    The cost of participation in the drawing, the full cost of the goods, the number of participants and the seller's rating, are the main indicators that should be guided when choosing the drawing. Remember, the fewer the participants, the greater the chance to win!

  • Is it fair?

    Absolutely. And that's why:

    1. All participants have the same chance of success.
      Several times to participate in the drawing of a single product, while increasing their chances and reducing the chances of others - is impossible.
    2. Third-party service for instant determination of the winner. The winner is selected by the well-known service Participants will instantly find out the results and can see the official protocol of the draw on their website.
    3. Hard moderation of goodsHard moderation of goods All products, when added to the service, undergo a hard moderation, which allows you to weed out products of unknown origin and condition and leave only the best

  • How is the draw?

    As soon as the number of participants required for the draw has been gathered, the random selection mechanism determines the winner and forms the draw protocol. П Then we display this information to all users. All this happens instantly, which excludes even the theoretical possibility of selecting a particular winner.

  • Can I play my stuff?

    Yes. Click "Sell" and add all the necessary information about your product, following the prompts. (Only users with a fully verified profile can play items)

  • How can I get the goods?

    Methods of delivery and transfer of goods are discussed in the chat with the seller, which is formed automatically after the purchase of goods or victory in the lottery.

  • What if the participants are not typed?

    The drawing will be canceled and the funds will be fully returned to all participants.

  • How to participate in free sweepstakes?

    To participate in the free sweepstakes, you must have a Swaper prime subscription, which gives you more opportunities to use the service.

  • Can I buy the product you like?

    Yes. Purchase of goods is carried out on the principle of a safe transaction. Money is transferred to the seller only after confirmation of receipt of the goods from you.