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Buyer protection
Seller protection

Your purchases are under reliable protection! From the time of winning to receive the goods.

Participate in the Swaper sweepstakes with no problems! You won a lottery but didn’t get it? Or maybe this product does not match the description proposed by the seller? We will solve this problem on acceptable conditions for you!

Item not received, damaged or does not match the description.

Contact Technical Support

Technical support will help to solve any problem arising from the work of the Swaper service, and takes all the organizational issues and risks for themselves. We respond with our reputation.

Send a request to technical support, explain in detail the essence of the problem (If you need to attach evidence in the form of photos, screenshots or scanned documents), from the moment of the first answer to a complete solution of the problem should take no more than 10 days.

The Swaper team will carefully review your question. Please check the Messages section as Our specialists may contact you for more information. You will be informed about the results in the form of SMS to the phone number specified in the account settings and in the Messages section. You can also check this information on the page of the goods won.

Returns of goods and payments

Returns of goods and payments is a guarantee provided by recommended sellers for each product they sell on the Swaper website.

The seller receives a cash payment for the goods being played, only after the winner of the drawing has confirmed receipt.

If the goods purchased and paid for on our website do not correspond to the description or turned out to be of poor quality, you need: Do not confirm receipt of the goods and open a dispute in a dialogue with technical support (My Account - Messages - Write to technical support - Open a dispute)

Cancel draw

The drawing may be canceled in the following cases:

  1. By decision of the seller, if not enough of the participants.
  2. According to the results of consideration of the dispute, if the goods are not received, damaged or do not correspond to the description.

In case of cancellation of the drawing, the cost of participation is returned to ALL participants.

Warranty period

All products on the Swaper website are protected under the terms of the Safe Deal. For any product purchased on the site, the factory warranty applies (if the product is new)

The following situations do not fall under the terms of the Safe Transaction, and if they occur, you will be refused a refund:

  • If you declare that the product does not fit the description, the seller can prove otherwise.
  • This product corresponds to the description, but you do not need more.
  • Any fraud determined by law.

Return shipping cost

The cost of delivery of the goods is paid by the buyer / winner of the lottery unless the seller indicates otherwise in the lottery description. Return of the goods of inadequate quality or goods not matching the description from the buyer / winner to the seller is carried out only after review of the situation by the Swaper team, at the seller’s expense, or on any other conditions that satisfy both parties.

Refund Policy

You are required to provide substantial evidence that the goods received do not correspond to the description or are of inadequate quality.

Return Guarantee

The return guarantee is an additional option that the seller may offer. Products covered by this warranty are subject to return to the seller in a warehouse in your country if they are in proper condition and original packaging. With a refund guarantee, you get 15 additional days (after order completion) to decide whether you want to keep the product.

The return guarantee applies to all Swaper products only in the Russian Federation.

With a refund guarantee, you receive 15 additional days (after the delivery of the goods has expired) to decide whether you want to keep the goods for yourself. The closing time of the order can be found in the order information.

Conditions for applying for a refund

  • You can apply for a refund under this warranty only for goods shipped by local delivery.
  • Goods must be in proper condition and in original packaging.

You cannot request a refund if: you did not receive the goods, but forgot to submit an application for a refund on time (= time for the goods to expire + 15 days).

Authenticity guarantee

Guarantee of Authenticity - If the product provided with this guarantee was a fake, you will receive a full refund, including shipping costs.

Not all products on Swaper are covered by this warranty. Sellers provide it as an additional service, as a rule, for the following categories: Computers, communication devices, consumer electronics.

Conditions for applying for a refund
  • The goods must be provided with "Guarantee of authenticity."
  • You can apply for a refund no later than 15 days after the order is closed.
  • You must provide strong evidence that the product you received is a fake.

Warranties for recommended sellers

Warranties Swaper sellers provide protection from claims or return of goods.

To do this, Swaper must receive confirmation from you that the goods have been shipped or delivered in accordance with the requirements below.

Who does the seller’s warranty cover?

The Swaper seller protection program is available to sellers who have a verified account, receive payments from buyers for purchases in the Russian Federation that meet the requirements of the program. The program does not apply to claims, chargebacks and / or cancellations, if the description of the goods was not true and if an attempt was made of fraudulent actions against the buyer.

Swaper Seller Protection

Swaper reimburses the entire amount of the payment that meets the requirements of the program and is the subject of the claim, the return charge-off and / or cancellation, and waives the charge-back charge (if applicable).

Terms of protection

In order to qualify for the Swaper Merchant Protection Program, the following requirements must be met:

  • Merchant account must be verified and verified.
  • Sold goods must be tangible.
  • You need to respond to Swaper's requests for documents and other information that Swaper reasonably needs for timely investigation, in the event of a dispute.