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How it works

How to get my item
How to buy in a safe way
How to sell safely

Want a new gadget but do not have enough money for it? can help you to get items you have been dreaming of at a minimum price! It's easy:
Select item
you want to buy For example: iPhone X 64GB gray
Click on "Join" We guarantee that a prize will go to the winner or we will give you your money back.
Wait for results and get your prize As soon as a required number of participants to be reached, our service will determine one of the lucky who can receive an iPhone X
Choose an item you are dreaming of!
To catalogue
You've decided to buy used or a new item i.e iPad mini 4. How to make it safely without fear of fraud. Use
Choose an item
you are insteresd in For example: iPhone X 64GB gray When choosing pay attention to the description of the goods, the rating of the seller and its geolocation.
Click on "Buy" and deposit amount We are acting as guarantor and keep your money until deal to be done.Thanks to our services, fraud is completely excluded. More information can be found in "Warranty" section.
Discuss details with a seller Discuss delivery method in a pop up window (Face-to-face/ Delivery) or any other information.
Receive an item and confirm a deal Once an item will be delivered, check description/contents and confirm your delivery then we transfer money to a seller.
In case of any dispute For example, a purchased iPad has defects not claimed by the seller. You must immediately write to technical support (My Account - Messages) and open a dispute, detailing the essence of the problem. After the trial, we will return the money
Buy new and used items on simple and secure.

Do you want to sell your item quickly and safely? Use our service and follow example below:

Add for sale and item draw ad Click the "Add Draw" button. Select the category. Fill in the description and add images by following the hints. Describe the car in as much detail as possible.
Enter cost Enter cost you want to sell your car and determine a number of participants. We refund expenses of a car after a successful draw and car distribution to the winner.
Discuss details with a buyer When the winner is determined, discuss in the dialogue that opens with him the method of transferring the goods and all other clarifying information. We act as a guarantor, and the money for the car is kept with us until the completion of the transaction.
Transfer your goods and get your money Pass the car. After confirmation of receipt from the buyer, we will instantly transfer the money to your account.
In case of any dispute In case of disputable situations, it is necessary to write to technical support (My Account - Messages) and open a dispute, describing in detail the essence of the problem.
Sell your goods, and we will take care of the security of transactions!
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